Upcoming Speaking Engagements

by Erik Lane 28. April 2010 23:03

Iowa Code Camp

If you are in the state of Iowa and a dev I suggest you register for Iowa Code Camp being held on May 1st.  Not just because I'll be speaking but for all of the great content.  I'm looking forward to the sessions and meeting some of my tweeps.  I'll be making drive out with my son so we will have some good father son time and we will get to visit with my brother and his family while out that way.

SouthColorado.NET User Group
On May 6th the SouthColorado.NET user group is hosting its own Visual Studio 2010 Launch.  The format of this meeting will be different than most launches and user group meetings.  The meeting will consist of a panel of local subject matter experts (Joe Wilson, Ely Lucas, Steve Lang, Ben Hoelting, and myself) that will give a short presentation on what’s new in VS 2010.  We'll then open up for questions and then break up into smaller groups, if needed, to get any questions answered.  Our goal will be for everyone to leave the meeting with the information you need to justify upgrading to VS 2010 over the weekend.

NorthColorado.NET User Group
On June 14th I've been invited up to Ft. Collins to speak at the NorthColorado.NET user group to speak on the principles of OOP.  This is a fun topic because it is fundamental to what we, as devs, do on a daily basis.  There is more than one way to skin cat but without having these concepts as a solid core, skinning that cat can be more difficult than it needs to be.



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