Firefox Only? Come on!

by Erik Lane 21. July 2005 02:49

Going through the recent posts at Codebetter, Ben posted a review of feedlounge.  It's an online feed aggregator that is all AJAX.  I use Newsgator Online myself but I'm always up for new things.  So I popped on over for a look-see.  This is what I see first.

So I guess I'm not welcome to use their service.  I know they are not encouragining me to use their service.  From their browser requirements page:

This browser will also work, but is not highly recommended:
Internet Explorer 6+

I could ask the question, is it (IE) not highly recommended - meaning we recommend it but not as high as the others or does it mean we highly recommend you not using it.  That's your own decision.

I understand that one of primary reasons for Firefox is that it's "not IE".  Such is life in the free world.  But is this not the same as site requiring IE to view their site?  I'm not sure that would fly is this day and age.  So now sites will be doing the same with Firefox as others did with IE.

Sorry for the rant and if you care, I use Maxthon.


Dave Burke
Dave Burke on 7/21/2005 4:44:00 AM

You're entitled to the rant, Erik.   You never rant, unlike many of us who rant on a regular basis.  I share your opinion and your exact configuration.  As for "firefox" only, if it truly works only on Firefox, then I'm good with it.  Microsoft needs their butt lit on some of this stuff and I'm glad to see other companies and products kicking dust on Redmond.  

Oh, am I starting a comment rant now????  SORRY!!!!

Alex on 7/21/2005 4:46:00 AM

The reason to go with one browser for the alpha is to make development and testing a little easier. The reason to use Firefox as that browser is because it's easier to port from Firefox to Safari and IE than vice versa.

eriklane United States on 7/21/2005 5:55:00 AM

No problem Dave and I agree that IE shouldn't be the only option and but at the same time neither should Firefox, IMO.  Based on Alex's comment though I can completely see why to support only one browser this early on in their project.  

Alex, if I had seen something similar to your comment on the site I would've  understood.

Dave Burke
Dave Burke on 7/21/2005 8:53:00 AM

Yeap, Alex is the day's Voice of Reason. Smile

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